What is a Responsive Website? Do I need a Responsive Website?


Years ago having a website was optional. Today it’s a given.Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices including Android tablets, iPad’s, iPhone’s and other Smartphone’s to visit your website. They are more comfortable with the technology, it is convenient when they are on the go however this type of technology demands now more website features. Many of these web-enabled tablets and phones render the full website on their small screen. Users zoom in and out to read portions of the web page. While it’s an impressive solution from the manufacturers’ point of view, for the customers it can be a frustrating experience.

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Virus Problems, why do you need Anti Virus Software?


Being a computer technician, the most frequent question I get asked is, who creates these viruses and how did my computer get it? There is no real clear cut answer to that, you may have clicked on an unsuspecting website that has content on it infected with a virus, or something you downloaded or received via email might have a virus attached to it. Also the first programmers to create viruses did so for fun and bragging rights. For the most part they were non-destructive.

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