Common Habits That Are Bad For Your Laptop’s Health

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    Common Habits That Are Bad For Your Laptop’s Health

    Laptops render our lives simpler, actually, a large number of us can’t envision existence without them. In spite of the fact that these gadgets can keep going for more than five years, they have a tendency to be utilized for just up to three years. Taking legitimate care of your precious laptop will guarantee that it gives you the best service and lasts for a long period of time.

    Given below are certain common habits which can cause damage to your laptop:

    Working on your laptop while eating :

    We all, at one time or the other, have had snacks or lunch while working on our laptop. The threat is when food particles get inside the keyboard, which attracts pests as well as hampers the appeal of your device. These critters can harm the hardware and cause your keyboard to malfunction. As such, considering taking a break from your device when eating.

    Setting objects on it :

    Your laptop is certainly not a table, so kindly don’t utilise it as one. Setting objects over it can scratch, crack or even dent it. A heavy item can seriously harm the LCD & hinges. Keep in mind that putting even little objects, for example, pens, paper clips, etc. on your console can crack your screen in case you forget about them and shut the lid.

    Spilling fluids :

    A considerable lot of us can’t avoid coffee while doing some work on laptop. The dismal truth is that mishaps happen and at times, fluids can spill onto your laptop. Liquid spills are the main driver of 60% of laptop repairs, a study has found. The most secure thing to do is keep all fluids far from your device. Prevention is much better than cure, after all.

    Using harmful ingredients to clean the screen :

    It is true that every computer screen has to be cleaned from time to time, but utilising harsh detergents for eliminating dirt can do the opposite of cleaning. The most ideal approach to clean the screen of your laptop is to utilise a dry microfiber material. For your touchpad & keyboard, make use of compressed air available in cans.

    Keeping it close to a heat source :

    Utilizing your workstation while sitting near a heater or keeping it in a place that receives direct sunlight will make it overheat. The warmth caught inside can harm the CPU, battery, video card and hard drive. Ensure that your laptop is far away from where the heater has been kept.

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