RAM Management Fundamentals: Dos and Don’ts

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    RAM Management Fundamentals: Dos and Don’ts

    RAM plays a vital role in our daily computer usage yet some of us seem to know very less about it. This integral part, though not visible readily, needs care and can upset us at times without any prior information.

    Comprising one of the most delicate parts in a computer, RAM is used to store temporary information and data that is saved in hard drive afterwards. It is very foolish to underestimate the function of RAM, as you do not directly use it. A computer will fail to startup, provided there is no RAM in it. Yes, it is that much necessary.

    Sometimes we don’t arrange for proper computer services and continue using our computer, consequently affecting its parts. Educating ourselves about the RAM and its care is important to be able to continue using our computer. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to keep your RAM working fine:

    Using windows task manager :

    The easiest way to free up RAM is to open Windows Task Manager. This can be opened by pressing the ctrl, alt and delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously. After successfully opening the task manager, navigating to the processes tab & looking for processes consuming higher volume of RAM is the second step. The third step is clearing those processes and freeing up memory. This is an effective way to deal with lagged computers running low on RAM space.

    Removing unnecessary softwares :

    Uninstalling a software or program that is not used often is a wise way to free up RAM. Some software sometimes keep running in the background without even giving us the slightest hint that they are taking up huge RAM allocation. This makes us believe that our computer is not working properly. Computers running on low RAM should always be kept free of unused software applications.

    Installing a RAM cleaner :

    It does not require you to be a nerd to manage RAM properly. Still, if you are having a tough time chasing the trail of unruly software, then you can most certainly use a RAM cleaner software to ease your life. They generally look for processes using large amount of RAM and shut them off, thereby freeing up memory.

    Adding more RAM :

    Old computers used to come with low RAM configurations and as the time changed, the need for RAM increased with latest software and games. Installing another 2 GBs of RAM can add an edge to your computer. This process can be a little confusing for non-technical users so taking the assistance of experts from Computers Mobile is advisable.

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