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    WiFi Antennas

    Black Spots, low connectivity….Having problems connecting to the internet or your mobile phone? Want a better 3G–4G Mobile Signal? Why not install a WiFi Antenna? We can install a high quality WiFi Antenna to boost your connectivity throughout your home. We can also install it within your roof should you require it to be hidden[…]

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    Custom Built Computers

    We can custom build your next computer, and also provide all the hardware and required software including Microsoft Windows, Antivirus, RAM, Motherboards, Hard Disk Drives, External Hard Drives to either re-build your computer or we can organize for an entire new computer case with all the components that you require. We can recommend components based[…]

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    Computer Software

    At Computers Mobile we stock the latest in Computer Software including Anti Virus Software, Trend Micro Titanium, AVG Antivirus, Microsoft Windows, a full range of Disk Doctor products including MAC Recovery, Outlook Mail Recovery, Windows Recovery, Undo Delete Recovery & Photo Recovery. We can assist with installing all sorts of software, including Windows, Computers Mobile[…]

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    Computer Upgrades

    We have all the latest computer components, software and hardware to upgrade your computer system. We will come onsite and recommend everything you  need. Sometimes a computer system just needs a good tidy up of all the files, defragging, a larger hard drive and an upgrade of RAM or perhaps the Operating System software (i.e.[…]

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    Internet Access & Set Up

    Having problems with your Internet Connection? Can’t access the wifi from some areas of your house? Computers Mobile in Bunbury can set up your internet connection, modem, wifi network router, so your home will be completely covered with internet coverage. We will ensure your connection is secure and locked down, so your neighbours can’t access[…]

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    Computer Repairs

    With an 13 years experience in the field of computer repairs work, we specialise in fixing computers and laptops.  From basic start-up errors,  software or device clashes to system lockups, blue screen messages and so forth, our computer repair specialists at Computers Mobile can help you. The best thing about us is that we will[…]

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    Laptop Screen Repair

    Laptop screen repairs and replacement is one of our most frequently used services. We can also help to replace your mobile phone screen. If your laptop screen is broken you can easily check the integrity of your laptop by connecting  your laptop to an external monitor, or call us, and we can do this for you.[…]

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    Data BackUp & Data Recovery

    Data  stored on computers, phones or tablets can be lost – often without any warning. Computers Mobile know how it feels to lose vital data from your computer or laptop.  Regular backups can keep your data safe from harm, and keep office documents, personal documents or family photos safe. For data recovery & backup solutions, consult with[…]

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    Virus Removal

    Does your PC seem to be working slower than usual? Are unanticipated messages continuously popping up on your screen, or are programs opening up without you doing anything, or is your device simply closing down for an unknown reason? Is your hard disk or modem having to work too hard? Malicious viruses can cause substantial[…]

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    Apple Mac Repairs

    We can repair all type of Apple Mac Repairs, Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, All in one Stations and can assist with re-installing software, provide data backup and restore services, recovery of data, remove computer viruses and upgrade your system if required. Call our local computer technician on 0438 917 419 to make arrangement for an onsite service[…]

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