Virus Problems, why do you need Anti Virus Software?

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    Virus Problems, why do you need Anti Virus Software?

    Being a computer technician, the most frequent question I get asked is, who creates these viruses and how did my computer get it? There is no real clear cut answer to that, you may have clicked on an unsuspecting website that has content on it infected with a virus, or something you downloaded or received via email might have a virus attached to it. Also the first programmers to create viruses did so for fun and bragging rights. For the most part they were non-destructive.

    Then as others learned just how easy it was to create a virus, it quickly became an epidemic and viruses became more and more destructive over the years, whereby now Anti Virus Software is critical for your computers health.

    So what can you do to help keep your computer free and clear of these malicious and unwanted attacks? The first thing is to invest a solid anti-virus program. Now I know there are a lot of free anti virus software on the market. That sounds like a great thing until you install the free program and learn that you’re only protected from certain types of viruses. If you want to be completely protected, they make you pay an additional $30 to $40 each year.

    I would highly recommend investing in a reputable anti virus software and if you need assistance in setting it up, we can call out and install it, set it to automatically scan your system on a regular basis, set up the firewall and more, for more information on anti virus software so dont hesitate to call us on 0438 917 419 or view our top of the range anti virus software available at our online shop all at great pricing.